Isopowder® – feel the warmth

Cool industrial style
               needs a warm heart.


Industrial floors and surfaces are increasingly used in contemporary architecture, even in public buildings and private residences. But when it comes to their application in the real world, purist portfolio projects can often run into problems because human bodies quickly lose heat when coming into direct contact with industrial flooring. And expensive end covering flooring with good thermal properties, such as parquet, lino, carpet etc., is no real solution if a genuine and clear industrial look is to be achieved.

Modern concrete architecture, floor, levelling coating finished with Isopowder®.

Since 2008, we have been asking our development laboratory to come up with a product that keeps the cool industrial look, yet has a pleasantly warm heart. Isopowder® is the solution.


                        Insulation is good,
reflection is better.


Rather than hide industrial floors, you can now present their simple beauty, and still keep them pleasantly warm underfoot. The magic formula is reflection instead of insulation. Tiny mica particles are reflecting body heat very effectively. This effect really comes into its own when underfloor heating is turned off in summer.


Numerous test have proven that the thermal effect of surfaces treated with Isopowder® corresponds to that of lino and even exceeds it in some applications.


Heat loss of the human body after 30 minutes of direct contact
IP  Concrete finished with Isopowder®
S   Concrete and fitted carpet
L   Concrete and 3.5mm linoleum
B   Concrete


                           If it is good enough for industry,
it is good enough for public and
                               residential buildings.


Isopowder® provides perfect surfaces for use in industrial premises. They not only impress with creating an excellent working environment but also with reduced cracking and growth of micro-organisms as well as high slip and abrasive wear resistance.

Industrial floor, PU-coating with Isopowder® in the food industry (winery)
Public buildings, exposed concrete finished with Isopowder® (sports hall)

If we can meet the highest standards, such as demanded by the food industry, then we can meet any requirement for public buildings, private residences, galleries and offices, especially since aesthetics play an important role in these areas. There are virtually no limits to your creativity.


              One patented product,
four areas of application,
                    countless creative possibilities.

ip 1501 a


ip 1503 m/s/v

Cementitious mortar /
Putty filler /
Levelling coating
Building material sample concrete, anhydrite finished with Isopowder®
Building material sample concrete, hardened concrete/terrazzo finished with Isopowder®
Building material sample concrete, cementitious mortar/filler/levelling coating finished with Isopowder®
Building material sample concrete, polyurethane/epoxy resin finished with Isopowder®

ip 1502 b/t

Concrete /

ip 1504 pu/ep

Polyurethane /
Epoxy resin

Whichever building material you choose, there is an Isopowder® finish for almost every one. No matter whether it is a floor, wall or facade, virtually any surface can benefit from Isopowder®.


                Would you like to add Isopowder®
to your building product?
                     No problem with IP-Customizing.

Isopowder® Customizing, spread testing in materials research
Isopowder® building material research lab at SYNFOLA® GmbH
Isopowder® Customizing, perfect adjustment of building material formulations to individual products

Isopowder® works perfectly as admixture with all the commonly used standard products we tested. Our well-equipped IP customizing research laboratory is there to help if you would like your own innovative product to benefit from all the advantages of Isopowder®.

We adapt formulations and processing techniques perfectly to your product and specific requirements, and will test them until they are ready to use. Contact us for further information and advice.

Isopowder® thermal additive before use

Seven arguments that make it easy
                                          to opt for Isopowder®

  • Excellent thermal properties (warmth underfoot)
  • Visual tuning of surfaces with colours and effects
  • High slip and abrasive wear resistance
  • Reduced cracking and growth of micro-organisms
  • Lower cost than other end covering flooring
  • Poses no risk to health (non-toxic)
  • Easy to use

             Cold floors and surfaces are a thing of the past.